Monday morning…what’s to like?

I don’t know how you feel on Monday.

I’m usually looking for inspiration for what I know will be the week ahead. I’m tired and not really working on a full tank of anything quite yet. Better yet, I’m just plain under-whelmed and under-enthused for what lies ahead.

One of my favorite writers, Bob Talbert, had a way of getting you to check in every Monday morning. He wrote a daily column and on Mondays, his Southern heritage certainly worked its way into his columns.

Maybe it was the way he said Mornin’ and it came out Moanin’.  But it certainly had the effect on you, that got you to get the bad out of the way, and get ready for the good that was certainly about to come.

I just looked forward to how his readers would send in comments that echoed parried or plain out disagreed with the ideas or issues that he wrote about. And that kept readers like me looking forward to what would be there to read on Monday Morning.

So here’s the great thing about fast forwarding to the technology age- you can talk right now and not have to wait a week to see what others had to say.

And with that in mind, I decided what I had to do was start a blog. To talk with all of you and to share what comes into my head. And I want to hear back from you so it is not all me talking to myself- I get enough of that in the shower. So pls blog back! You can indicate if you want it posted or not.

Since Monday is theoretically my day off, I’m supposed to use it to plan for the week ahead. Sometimes I’m still stuck in the week behind. Either way, I figured I could put something out there for Monday morning readers for whatever direction you’re coming from.

Come on back and see what is happenin’ here. (I’ll stop it with the ‘. I promise.)


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