Why I Love Going to Work by Mary (one of Lisa’s Wrap Artists!)

What is it?
Lisa’s Gift Wrappers is an innovative concept in a service dominated community which continues to expand. Why – because of the creativity behind our distinctively wrapped boxes.

Who are our customers?
People that come into the store are special. No matter the size or cost of their gift (a hand-drawn picture for grandparents or a priceless, one-of-a-kind heirloom) or the allotted expense of their corporate or private event, our customers want to personalize their project with style, tastefulness and a budget for their wallet.

What do we wrap?
This is the fun part for me! Bring on the hard-to-wrap golf clubs, the favorite colors of the gift recipient or occasion, the jumble of items that need to be packaged in one basket or the lifetime gifts of an engagement ring or a baby’s sonogram…I consider it a privilege to assist our clients in choosing the right presentation.

Mary’s hot picks:
My favorite colors: lime green, hot pink, chocolate, white…any!
Papers: dots, stripes, patterns…
Ribbons: $5.00 per yard is heaven; .85 per yard is yummy; and .25 per yard is pure happiness. I do think the bow makes the package.
Simple is always elegant, tasteful and appreciated. Big bows are total fun…and floral ribbon has allowed us to wrap any size gift…even that Bar-co-lounger…without breaking anyone’s pocketbook.

The “Mary” Ideas
So, what is a “Mary” creative idea…you would never think “that would go” or “never would have thought of that”! Between the customer and myself, we usually come up with a presentation that is unique and the recipient will love. The colors and styles are as diverse as each of our customers…thank heavens!

Come in and give Mary your wrapping challenges!


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