Inspiration, Inspiration.

I just came back from a respite from the day-to-day craziness that runs my life. I met my twin sister, Lydia, for a whirlwind adventure in Santa Fe, NM. The result- my head is awash in color and I am revved up for spring.

Why Santa Fe? Well, it’s been on my list of to do’s forever. Maybe it’s because I love Georgia O’Keefe, her style of painting, and how she was inspired by the land and mountains and the surrounding area from Santa Fe to Ghost Ranch.

It was a respite, but we were on the hunt so there was no time to sleep in. There are 6 fabulous museums in Santa Fe on our list and we got 4 reviewed top to bottom. In between, we walked everywhere to see galleries, and local Santa Fe Native Peoples contemporary and vintage artwork- paintings, pottery, rugs, baskets, photographs, sculpture- all forms of art.

The colors were exhilarating and all around you. Bright colors mixed with natural colors –like dawn to dusk. Think purples, roses, blues added to natural colors from limestone, red stone, and minerals like copper plus natural items like charcoal.

Looking at a Georgia O’Keefe painting was awesome. I didn’t imagine how some of the pictures of her work, which I had studied in books, would look like in person. Sometimes the image in the book was way bigger than the actual image. It might be presented simply as a stretched canvas and with no frame. Maybe hung on a wall all by itself or among several that were a series or reflect a certain period of time.

We also took in a documentary about her life which was so interesting. There were video clips where she talked about herself and her work; sometimes information came from letters that she had written to her friends.

It also showed places that she explored and then ultimately painted. She sketched and at times photographed these sites. It was fascinating to see where her color inspirations were from- I think sometimes it was purely from her imagination of what the colors should be.

So I am saturated with Georgia O’Keefe art and images; colors and simplicity; everyday articles like pottery that reflect usefulness but are so artistic in their plainness.

I had a hard time sleeping at night. Turning out the lights just left the colors swirling around in my head. I couldn’t think of anything else.


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