Did You Get your Ring in December?

It’s so exciting to get engaged. And how it happens and where it happens will remain in your memory forever.

And then what hits is the reality of planning a wedding- a daunting task when one thinks about all the details.

So where to start? You need to get the wedding venue, settle on the date and determine a reception location.

Those are the big items and now the thousands of details follow. So where do you start?

Take your cues from the colors that you select as the theme for your wedding. What are the choices? They are unlimited; however there are certain color trends this year. Robin’s egg blue and chocolate brown or turquoise and chocolate brown. Chartreuse or peridot is often the zing when added to black. Black can handle other bright bursts of color- think purple, hot pink even bright orange.

Any color works and you can do your invitations in a different color than the color your bridesmaids wear. Why? I hate the whole idea of “matchy-matchy”. Think about the distance between your shoes and the hem of your skirt or dress. It’s a big enough difference that no one will know that it’s the same or different shade of black.

Think also that if the wedding is outside, the reception inside, then it doesn’t matter if everything goes together or even coordinates. You can get away with different colors in every location.

It’s pretty common to see a bride change dresses- one might be more formal for the wedding and one might be funkier for the dancing and the reception.

I’m not the last or final word on this subject. There will be those that agree and those that don’t.

But that’s what makes planning a wedding such a personal and unique statement. It is about you and your soon-to-be husband. So make it about you both. And don’t stress about what others think. Remember it’s your big day.


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