O.K.- I admit it. I am hooked on Reality T.V.

Now I guess I have some taste. I love Project Runway. It’s not because I’m a fashionista. Far from it. But I am so intrigued with where the designers get their ideas and inspirations. And I always have a ton of questions-like how do they know that that fabric will drape in a certain way.

In the 7 th grade, I learned how to weave. I loved it. It was so precise in terms of the mechanical part of it. Yet, it left you completely free to use colors and textures and ways that you could manipulate yarn or other fibers that you might be using. I’ve made pillows and a rug that was 20 feet long for a hallway. I have made mohair throws- so warm and soft. I have even woven copper strips along with aluminum strips to create a contemporary wall hanging. I still have my loom, which weaves five feet wide. It’s in my basement, slightly dusty, but will come to life when my teenager goes off to college.

So I have a huge admiration for what they can do after making fabric. I know how much work it is to make. And I have a tough time cutting into it after all that work. (I think that all those threads are screaming when you cut into them. Too weird??)

It is just so amazing to me how a length of fabric turns into garment. I know they have gone to school, and have been sewing every day for most of their lives. I know they can make a pattern for their garment out of their head; again because they have been doing it for so long.

And then there’s Top Chef. Here we go again- where do they come up with these menus and how do they get there? Have they eaten all this stuff and know what will happen to it when they cook it? I’d like to say I’m a decent cook and given lots of time, I guess I could get better.

But when I go into a restaurant and look at the menu, I imagine the chefs and their conversations about food. And they look at eating like I probably look at art or say shoe shopping.

So I look at these creators and imagine what goes on in their heads. Do they dream what they do? And where do they get their ideas?

I know where I look for inspiration. I look at purses and shoes because last year’s black dress will look fresh and modern. Plus the easiest thing to do is change the shoes and the purse.

Or look at pillows and rugs. They can be colorful and full of pattern against a plain couch. But look at the cost of replacing a couch – easier to change the pillows or the rug?

And then colors are easy to add or subtract. A pattern or something with a texture can add interest to the couch.

So imagination is key in all of this. Walt Disney said it best…”all your dreams will come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”


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