‘The Way to Get Started’

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Just Do It. Three little words. Sounds simple- right?

What is the way to avoid being a procrastinator? Is it not only quit talking, but quit making a trip to the kitchen to yet again look in the fridge for something made from chocolate?

Distractions, distractions, distractions- they are everywhere!

I have these great ambitions on Sunday morning when the day ahead is mine and I can do with it what I want.

First, I get to read the newspaper when it is brand new and no one else has touched it. I love this. I get to read the sections in the order I want to and don’t have to wait to read any part of it. It does mean that I have to get up early to beat everyone else. But, I figure that might give me an excuse to take a nap later or catch up on my rental movies or even read a book.

Then I think of all the various craft projects I could finish. I have many of them in limbo- not quite far along enough to almost be done on a Sunday.

And, for the last 8 weeks, I have been taking a watercolor painting class. Here’s where I should be spending my time, I say to myself. I paint on Mondays from 9-12noon- and then have these fabulous plans to continue when I get home. And somehow the week stretches along and I don’t touch anything again until Monday. So Sunday would seem like a logical day to just jump in there and get going.

Decisions, decisions, decisions- so many, so little time.

I think it was way easier to get motivated when I held a job that had nothing to do with being creative. I would come home and immediately change out of a suit and jump into comfy clothes and head for the basement and creative projects.

Now, I get to be creative all day long. I’m surrounded by color and paper and ribbon and creative people and very interesting people- well, it’s just such a sensory experience. I wonder if maybe I’m just “sated” when I reach home.

How did you put every distraction aside and Just Do It? Does any one have a clue? Do you get up an extra two hours earlier just so you can paint or weave or finish printing something?

Or do you deprive yourself of a good sleep and stay up late and then become a slow motion person in the morning?

And, does anyone know how to balance this all with a good diet (Ho-Ho’s don’t count), exercise and a family life?

So spill the beans- tell me how to “Just Do It”.


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