Shake Off the Winter Doldrums

I have for the past several years pushed myself to take an art class between January and March- the grey months.

Typically, I am burnt out from the Holiday hype and feel that my creative reservoir is almost on empty.

So I sign up for a class that’s way out there- something that will test me as an artist- make me think in a different way- possibly show me an art technique that might come to play in something creative I might do in the future.

This year I picked watercolor painting. It’s been on my to-do list for a while. And two years ago I bought one of those travel size sets and painted in the shade during my vacation on the days I was too sun burned to venture out.

The results were not successful- except maybe for my skin- so I said that I had to take a class and see how it’s done.

I am definitely a visual learner- you show me, and then I can do it kind of person.

And water color painting is the exact opposite of all the training I took in High School and College when I was painting with acrylics on canvases.

Acrylics are great- you paint an area and goof up; you just wait 15 minutes to let it dry and then paint over it. Geez- some great artists have made their names by slathers of paint on their canvases.

Watercolor painting is all about planning ahead and thinking where you are going to put paint. ‘Cuz once it’s there- it’s there.

W-a-y different from my experience. So much so that I am now taking the second session on watercolor painting because I am still trying to get the hang of things.

I guess that I just am a bit bull headed (my father came from a German family and he was an engineer) and I also believe that I should be able to do any artistic medium, (assuming that my mother’s genes as an artist, costume designer, teacher and calligrapher will somehow pull me together).

I do admit that I always learn something. And I am hard on myself. Eventually I know that I will tell myself that I am not suited to a particular medium of art and will just have to buy good art from those that have mastered that medium.

Witness, my out-of-control collection of pottery- mostly pitchers as they are functional at least- in my kitchen.

So, this Spring I challenge you to re-activate the creative gene that has been dormant due to work, children, husbands; you name it (lack of chocolate?)- and take a class- with me.

I have added lots of classes of surprising topics to our schedule. No homework unless you want to. All tools and supplies are included. And the worst thing that could happen is you figure out that someone else might do it better than you.

I will ensure that you will meet VIPs (Very Interesting People), laugh a lot and possibly find a new burst of energy.

So here’s looking for you in a class coming up in May (see our website for dates, class descriptions and costs).


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