“How To Balance Your Life”

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Those that know me would not recommend me as the guru of advice on this subject. Far from it.

I have at least 30 things popping about in my head at any one time.

I have been out of the store for about 10 days, traveling with my husband, son and his friend on our annual Spring break adventure.

So, I have had a lot to catch up on. With each of my staff people, who are responsible for different aspects of our services for our customers, and especially my washing machine since everything came back from vacation, wet, dusty or smashed in the suitcase and has to be washed now. I’ve been hoping the washing machine might break down- Rats! No such luck yet.

So in between washer to dryer trips I have been compiling a list of all of my to-do’s.

Let me tell you writing them down on pretty paper or using colored markers or even practicing my calligraphy (which seems to have gone to pot )-has not helped.

And my ever-so-smug attitude of doing all my planning in January so I could just breeze through the rest of the year- well all is “kaput”-( a nice family saying from my father’s German side meaning broken)- because things change and you can always count on that.

I tell Annie, or Mary or Ruth or Meghan or Amanda- if I have already told you this stop me now- because some days I don’t know what I have said to whom.

We learned that April showers bring May flowers. So I am hoping that by getting organized, consolidating bins of ribbon, setting up new teams and methods of communication here at LGW HQ- that all this effort will result in “May flowers”- something neat and orderly and colorful.

You can notice one of my main stays of organization when you enter the store. It is a compulsion of mine to put things in clear, stacking bins so that all you have to do is look in and see what you’ve got. It helps me know whether I have enough green ribbon, say for a wrapping project.

So tell me- What is your most brilliant method of using the prospect of Spring cleaning to make a dent in some form of organization you need in your life to at least stem the tide of disorder?

I know I could sure use it. And maybe someone else might benefit from it as well.


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