Fun New Tools

I’ve got to confess that I’m a sucker for craft tools. I often take a lap around the local craft store deciding whether I r-e-a-l-l-y need it or not. And I have to ask myself if I have an immediate purpose for it or it’s just got to wait.

So, the most recent tool justification is a perforating disc for my cutting board. It’s really just there to trim paper or cut things to size.

But, Annie, our graphic designer, was doing a project where we needed to perforate a place card for a wedding. And well that turned out to be a great tool, which we have found lots of other cool things to do with this special cutting disc.

My newest cool tool is a board that allows us to score paper. I do know how to score paper by hand, but it is time consuming and most of the time I end up actually cutting through the piece when all I wanted to do was get a good fold. And to get a really great fold you have to know the direction or grain of the paper, which sometimes you have ignored in the process of printing something. So this scoring board allows you to avoid these issues.

I was like a kid when I brought the scoring board into the store and I immediately had to demonstrate its vast abilities.

It immediately came in handy when I made a custom cover for a significant proposal one of our customers was submitting. We were able to make a cover that had expanded sides to accommodate the thickness of the proposal as well as allow for flaps to overlap. So when the cover was opened, it would look a little like a flower opening.

Now I will say that a new tool doesn’t have to be the most expensive version- I think you need to take into consideration the wear and tear this equipment is likely to get. You can always upgrade, if you find that it is used often.

Everyone has a favorite tool that they use. You know some of mine- tell me what are your favorites and why you can’t live without them. I may just have to have one, too.


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