Where did the saying “dog days of summer” come from?

Today is one of those days that I long to be a kid again. I think it had something to do with the opportunity to sleep in (when does that ever happen) and then yearning to do something creative and arty. Instead, I got to do my long list of “wife-y” things- none of which gave me a creative outlet.

So, standing in the line at Home Depot, waiting to pay for two door knobs, one for the in-process remodeling of our guest bathroom and one for the door opposite the bathroom, I got to look at the shelves ( and I do mean shelves) of magazines devoted to homes, cottages, decorating, DYI opportunities- you name it, they had it.

Second best to being creative, I thought to myself, is seeing what others were doing.

So I picked out a few magazines- grabbed my beverage and snack of choice to nosh on while reading, and decided an afternoon on the back deck surrounded by others being creative might get me in the mood to do something myself.

We had a freak thundershower that sent my dog, Jake and I scrambling to make it indoors before we got soaked.

But, it was a “dog” day of summer for me today. And, Jake, who is a German Short Hair Pointer, but at 73 lbs. thinks he’s a lap dog, is also the biggest couch potato you will ever know.

We hung out on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. Hilarious- I heard the biggest sighs of contentment from Jake.

So there must be some truth to the “dog days of summer”. And maybe you have a favorite hang out space- porch, deck or where ever that gives you the space and time to just “ponder the possibilities”. Share them with us.


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