Ever Buy a Kit and “Expand” on its Potential?

I definitely inherited this problem from my Father.

My dad was great at taking the shell of something and seeing all its greatness.

But sometimes that gets you into trouble. Or at least that seems to be my problem.

For instance, I bought this darling doll house kit for the daughter of a good friend, because a) I have a son so I wouldn’t be able to indulge that fantasy and b) I had always wanted to make one of these.

So, I bought the basic kit. Pretty simple if I had stuck to their plan. But O-h n-o, not me. A little tiny whisper said “wouldn’t the roof be cute with shingles?”- so I bought the shingle package. And since I can stencil, let’s ditch the basic stencil for the shutters and look high and low for the perfect stencil.

Of course, you’ve got to pre-sand and then prime and then paint everything with at least two coats of paint. (This treatment is better than what most homeowners do. Is someone for real going to live in this place???).

An update: The surprise I had planned is still in pieces in my basement, waiting to be finished. I know that I should get my butt in gear, so that one of my friends with little girls might get to enjoy it this century.

Any advice from those of you who have fallen into the big trap of “Incomplete-itis” or “Have too many projects going at the same time- you slightly over planner?” Please share.


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