Back to School – where did the summer go?

I guess it’s kind of like having a new car- it’s that certain scent that stays in your memory forever as you recall what a new car is like. And it doesn’t exactly have to be your car- it can be anyone’s. That scent will trigger all kinds of memories.

So what does this have to do with September? For me, even though I am well past the days of going to school, some how September always seems to remind me of getting ready and then actually starting school.

Perhaps it’s the new pencils and the smell of getting them sharpened. (O.K., I know I’m showing my age here- but I don’t care for mechanical pencils. They just don’t seem to me to be the real deal).

Or maybe it’s getting the ruled, spiral bound notebooks for each class. Or the ruler, scissors and colored markers or pencils, maybe even glue or tape.

I think it’s the process. Thinking about the year to come and what I might learn and whether I will like my teachers and what will it be like in the grade or college level I’ll be in.

Maybe it was also about seeing my mother get ready to start her year as an art teacher. Making sure she had her supplies organized, ready to go.

I have always ascribed to the idea that you should never stop learning. So for an adult to take a class and squeeze it into our busy schedules, I say it has to be something that you have always wanted to learn.

So embrace the return of Fall and think about a class you might take. Go to your local library or community center. I would suggest a class that will stir your creativity like an art class, an exercise class, something where you will learn an entirely new skill or brush up in an area that you started learning years ago.

At Lisa’s, we love to offer classes in the fall and spring. We start with classes on how to wrap and make a wonderful bow. It’s simple. It’s fun. But best of all, there are other people there for the same reason, and meeting new people is half of the experience. This year classes are on Saturdays, October 25 and November 8. To sign up call us at 248-547-9094.

It’s not rocket science- but it’s the tips and tricks when the presentation is as important as your gift. You can check out our sister website,, for tips and pictures on wrapping if you can’t make it to one of our classes. And if you get stuck, just e-mail us at for help or ideas.


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