Fall Colors and Some Special Trimmings

I love to go for walks in my neighborhood. There are so many wild things growing, like grapevines and thistles. Plus we are fortunate enough to have beautiful Pin Oak and Maple trees with their gorgeous leaves that turn colors every year.

Have you ever thought of collecting some of these things to add to your packages for that little extra zing? It says you have thought just a little bit more about the artistry of the top of your box- not just the bow or even the wrapping paper.

I invite you to take a walk through the fall colors in our store. You can even bring in your trimmings and we can create with you.

We have these new shades of green paper- moss, chartreuse and pale sage almost bordering on the mint side. All are perfect for making that fall statement.

And then there is my all time favorite- it’s got a burnt orange to dark red background with beautiful, abstracted mums and other fall flowers on it. It is such a great paper that any fall colors work- from the crimsons to golden yellows, the dark greens to the light greens, even a pop of orange in the pattern from time to time. Any ribbon combination will work here. So I usually suggest combining textures with different widths and playful, novelty ribbons to add some other interest.

You could also add dried items like bittersweet or other branch type materials. Maybe add a stalk of fresh mums to the top. Or consider tree leaves or dried pods or thistles.

Take advantage of what fall has to offer because as soon as the rains start here in Michigan, much of this dried bounty from Nature will be gone.

Maybe you’ve got a special item you like to use- we’d love to see your ideas on decorating packages in the Fall. Send them to us lisa@lisasgiftwrappers.com and we’ll be glad to post them for others to see.


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