Can You Believe It – Stores Have Christmas Stuff Out

It seems that every year the Christmas merchandise creeps out earlier and earlier.

I was at Macy’s yesterday. Yikes- it was all out. Aisles of Christmas ornaments, decorative pieces for your mantle, stockings for the fireplace, boy, you name it.

Shoot, I haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet.

I know that many people are anxious about what the Holidays will be like. And what impact the Presidential election might have. And how the money invested for college tuition or retirement might fair. Worse of all, many people have lost their homes due to weather or foreclosure.

So I believe that we need to ignore Christmas right at the moment and focus on what we can do to help our fellow neighbors and people in our community.

Lisa’s Gift Wrappers has always been about supporting children and women. Our work schedules allow for flexibility in working your hours around your children’s school schedules. Not a novel thought, but it is ingrained in our culture to do that for our staff.

Harried mothers feel a bit of respite when they visit our store. We have crayons and paper to keep little ones busy for a few minutes while Mom has the time and breathing space to think and decide.

We are not only about this though. We help out many local charities with creating auction baskets that might bring in more dollars for that charity. We have done centerpieces that highlight decorative cookies for a Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) fundraiser. We donate our scraps of ribbon and paper to kid-centered charities where art forms an important step towards healing for a child that has lost a parent due to illness. Or a child that lives with a single parent and goes to a safe place after school until they can get picked up. We’ve donated crayons and colored pencils and erasers and markers to local groups for their art rooms.

It’s the materials we work with every day and sometimes take for granted.

Little things have helped our friends and families – our neighborhoods and schools – our churches and synagogues – pull people through these hard times.

We believe in giving back to our community. It might take baby steps- like donating books to a women’s shelter- to get you rolling.

Christmas will always be there. But let’s focus on the here and now and spend some time helping others.


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