Even My Customers Kid Me About My New Toys (I Mean Tools)

O.K., O.K., I get it.

Everyone who knows me knows about my craving for new and helpful tools to help me improve the services I offer.

I am always on the look out for new tools. I don’t buy the first time I see anything, unless I have a project that needs to get done within the next two weeks.

I use my jaunts to trade shows, businesses that have similarities to mine, like scrap booking or fabric stores, and other places that might have an idea or two that might work for our business.

And I do have to confess that I’m addicted to surfing the Internet to find ideas and other things.

So my latest toy/tool is a punch and binder all rolled into one. It’s called the Zutter Bind It All- it can make punched holes and then using their spiral binding forms , you cut the length you need and use the other side to close the spiral ends into each other to finish your book into a spiral bound item.

Now, I have to say this is not meant to do thousands at a time. But that’s the beauty of it for us- we can work in small quantities that are more customized for our clients. No one has to spend a ton because we only have a few to make.

I originally saw it at the National Stationery Show held annually in New York City every May. It was really cool to watch how easy it was to use and how quickly it worked. I knew that someday this tool would come in handy. And boy did it for a wine tasting book we just created.

We’ve done two books in the last week- one for the Automotive Designer (see Blog 21 for details) and now one for a wine tasting event.

The book we made for the wine tasting event was smaller, but no less precise. For the event there were 9-10 wines paired with food. We created a book to hold the menu, and a rating sheet for each of the wines. Annie, my staffer who does all of our graphic design work, covered the outside cover in a stock paper that she had used to create the custom invitation and the place cards. And our newest staffer, Dianne, tried two different glues- TOMBOW’s Mono Multi Liquid Glue that has a wide applicator and a pin-point tip and then 3M’s Spray Artist Adhesive. Both worked, but the spray was faster and we had a time crunch at that time.

The book was an instant hit with our client. She had imagined what she wanted and we were fortunate to have created it.

I was out of the store when Annie and Dianne were proudly showing off their collective effort. But the next day, I heard from the customer they were showing off to- and of course, she has enthusiastic and generous support for our efforts. She also got to kid me about my new toy- because she knows I’m a sucker for tools. She had to admit this was a good one and gave me a few more directions we could go with this new found skill.

So onward and upward, as the comic book heroes would say. And, since I am passionate about tools doing a good job in personalizing our service to our customers, I would love to hear about your favorite tools that help you provide that unique and special service for your customers.


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