Time to Get Your Game Plan Together and Reduce Your Stress

Black Friday is come and gone so now is the time to get your game plan together- and I don’t mean football!

I mean getting organized so that as Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza draws near, you are ahead, not behind.

First, you have to get disciplined. Find a sturdy tote- plastic or whatever- that can hold the tools to a great wrapping season. Scissors, tape, measuring tape, permanent pens, glue sticks, hole punches, stapler, scissor sharpener, calculator, Goo Gone- and what ever is in your “toolbox” for wrapping.

Find a good place to wrap (here’s where the tote comes in handy) – I like my ironing board because I can adjust it to stand or sit. Sitting on the floor or your bed will just give you a backache. And use a coupon that is 40% off for one of those self-healing cutting mat that sewers or quilters use- that makes a handy extension to the width of your ironing board.

Then, as every gift comes in the door, get it wrapped. (Yes, I can see your eyes rolling back in your head- I’ve been there too. But who wants to be wrapping at 2AM Christmas Eve in the basement, ALONE, except maybe with an adult beverage????)

Use a Post-IT note or Avery label to mark the gift. Better yet, just use the same paper for every gift for that individual. Don’t put any bows on them yet- wait until closer to the holiday. Makes them easier to stack in a closet- or hidden in a black heavy duty trash bag (and for some Moms- a place to store is the trunk of your car).

Wrapping is a mechanical job- not too much fun if you have a lot to do. Putting on the bows is the most fun- because you can be so creative here.

Look for good buys on wrapping paper- now is the time for the greatest choices if you care about colors or designs. If you don’t, buy it and store it for next year, so you’ll have a jump on it.

Trust me-after 15 years as a professional and countless years before that wrapping family and friends’ gifts, you’ll be pleased for yourself that you got a handle on this.


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