Staying Relevant in a Changing Economy

Heavy topic here, especially being in Michigan where our economy is dependant on the Automotive industry.


It is certainly a challenge to stay viable financially and also stay relevant with all the choices consumers can make.


For instance, gift bags have been the backbone of a plausible gift wrapping solution for many, many years now.


We don’t stock them. For a good reason- you can buy assorted ones, from Dollar stores, to big box stores like Target to overstock experts like Home Goods. And that’s great for the consumer- because your choice can match your budget.


What we do carry are items that you can’t find there- or sometimes anywhere. So, in the case of the “paper bag”, we carry the European style, fabric cord, laminated paper with a cardboard insert in the bottom of the bag kind of gift bag. Why? Because you can’t get that quality in any of the previously mentioned stores. And they are not interested in special orders in the color you need. And they won’t make sure that every bag is in perfect condition.


That’s called service. And, as the cliché’ goes, we aim to please- beyond your expectations.


We also will refer you to an independent retailer like ourselves when you need a solution. (Remember the Santa in Miracle on 34th Street?) Through our networking, experience with this retailer and ultimately customer feedback, we know that you will be getting the highest level of service and a quality solution.


And most of all, we all benefit when dollars are spent in Michigan. It helps all of us here. A national study was done about 2 years ago- it discovered that of every $100 spent by a consumer, if the purchase was made in a big box retailer, only $27 stayed in that locality versus a local retailer puts $47 dollars back into its local economy (meaning jobs, taxes, etc.).


So, there are two reasons to shop local and shop independent retailers. We would like to earn the privilege of your business and help Michigan recover.


Think about it next time you open your wallet.


2 thoughts on “Staying Relevant in a Changing Economy

  1. Lisa, you have my vote.

    As a retail consultant who not only works for independent storefronts but used to be one of them, I applaud you for accurately explaining how support of a local brick and mortar business has positive impact far beyond the purchase itself. Even a little bit can make a huge difference in any city’s economy.

    I just posted a piece about this myself, following the lead of a Canadian blogger who has a wonderful, low cost plan that supports both local retailers and our national economy:

    Here’s to moving forward, together, in support of the neighborhoods we love.

    Cinda Baxter

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