New Ideas for 2009

If you have read my blog, I have talked about learning new art techniques or business techniques during the store’s slow months.

I like to challenge myself to continue learning- it’s good for the brain and it’s a great way of seeing and learning other viewpoints.


And it’s about challenging certain ways you do things, so that maybe you’ll break out of the box ( a little wrapping humor) and discover a different perspective.


So we’re starting classes that are about paper. Quick, easy, make it and take it home finished type classes.


First up will be making a St. Valentine’s mailbox, great for your elementary school child. Fun, budget easy and a great finishing touch to a project that might need to be done at home and taken into school. Click here to see our Kids Workshops.


We will also offer classes for adults, beyond our introduction to bow making and gift wrapping. Haven’t quite figured out what people want to learn from us- so maybe you could help and e-mail us with your thoughts on classes you may want to take. Otherwise, I might have to do ones that appeal to me- but maybe not you.


So let us know you would like to learn. We’re open to ideas and can tolerate a mess (because if you have ever seen our store at Christmas time, you would understand that comment).


Here’s looking to hearing from you.


One thought on “New Ideas for 2009

  1. Hi Lisa,

    We met at the Lansing gift show. My husband Jon and I are very excited about offering gift wrapping as an extra service. Hopefully making us stand out against the other stores surrounding.

    We learned so much from you at the show. Thank you for taking one on one time with us.

    I was curious what brides are buying this year or what they are receiving as gifts. You did say brides are sparing no expense still.

    We are placing our order tomorrow for the paper holder and gift wrap. So excited. Thanks again. Please contact us if you are ever in Leelanau County.

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