Oh, How We Love Ribbon!

Yes, I do admit to having a taste for shoes. When I was in the corporate world, it wouldn’t be anything to have 30 or more pairs of black and 30 or more pairs of blue and then at least that many in specialized colors for specific outfits. They would have all different heel heights- some might be for running down long halls in airports and some might be for that key presentation that had to show I had my “act” together and that you should buy from me.


My husband didn’t get it.


He had two pairs of black- one tie and one loafer. Two brown- same rules. Top siders for casual wear. Boots for his motorcycle. Running shoes (OK he beat me there). That’s it.


My shoe theory now extends to ribbon. You can’t have enough, in the right width, the right hue, the right texture, the right price. So maybe that’s why, on any given day, we have about 800 or more ribbons to choose from.


And some new ones just popped into the store- and they are fun and summery (yep- we’re all hoping for that to happen), and just a great way to try something different.


If you are adventurous, then you may be comfortable with mixing stripes with patterns- think the Duke and Duchess of Wales (not Fergie and Andrew), who many years ago started this trend. New often comes from old…..


If not, you can use a patterned or stripe ribbon on just solid color of paper- now that’s when the ribbon gets to be the showcase. And if you want the paper to be the showcase, then think color and texture and widths to compliment the paper.


But either way, there’s a lot that is new. And we’ll have some fun pictures to show hopefully inspiring you and giving you a jump start for spring- we all need one soon.


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