What it is like being a twin and having a twin sister

Some of you might not know I have a twin sister, Lydia.

Lisa and Lydia

We hated being twins when we were younger. For many years, we dressed alike. Hated it.

When we could dress as individuals, we were still color and print coordinated. Logical, because it made our wardrobes twice as large as we could mix and match. (Thank goodness it wasn’t the Gr-animals method of dressing).

And, at a certain point in life when growth spurts happen, someone benefits from that broad array of clothing.

I’m sure my sister, Lydia, was embarrassed by my lack of effort in school. She was the brainiac. I was the slacker that got the grade based on the effort. She was rewarded for her efforts and got into a great college and graduated early. I found myself in college (OK, 5 changes in my major), but I did graduate cum laude. Not bad for the slacker.

We compare notes on growing up in our family. It’s amazing what you remember.  The vantage point you sit in creates your version of what happens. It’s especially amazing when we add our younger sister to the mix, as Lorie often has a completely different viewpoint.

Along the way, your Mom or Dad entrust someone with information or things to hold in trust for the family. What to share or not share.

So, imagine my surprise, when my sister, Lydia was in Michigan to visit and she brought along a baby bracelet. Mine. Well, mine because I was “Baby B”, given that I was born second. That was by chance, I may add, as our Mother had no idea she was having twins until they heard two heartbeats. Then they did a “scan” and found two heads and one body. Guess that freaked out our Dad! So the doctors performed a cesarean and found we had our arms locked around each other and to take us out, the twin on the top came out first. Lydia.

I don’t resent that fact. It’s a great story. And, well I have gotten my licks in (sorry for the Toilet-Lid name calling).

So I guess you might understand what that moment was like to have that tiny bracelet in my hand. I cried. I know I was baby “B”.

But I also knew that I was never second because our parents made sure to treat us as individuals, even thought we were and still are twins.

This bracelet is a treasure-and so is my twin, Lydia.


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