A New Old Customer

I went to gift wrap for a new “old” customer- a woman with many years behind her, but with limitations like no more driving.

She has three pieces of crystal that she wanted to give to her family and wanted them to look wonderful.

With just a few pieces of information, I gathered up supplies and headed over to her small, independent living apartment to gift wrap her precious gifts.

It reminded me of my own grandmothers, Isabella who lived to be 93 years young and Ruth who live to be 89 years young.

Not easy getting old. Not easy having to be dependent on some else no matter what your age.

I was there for two hours, wrapping three gifts. In the store, I could have knocked them out in about ½ hour.

But I would have missed the wonder of a new “old” customer, who just wanted to do something special for her daughters.

And we had a lovely chat about all kinds of things. The new hope for the country with President Obama. The troubling times for the Michigan economy. How fast the world moves today. The need to feel independent and needed.

Pretty amazing conversation. It reminded me of the last months Grandmother Isabella was alive. She wanted to talk about what happened in the world each day while we helped her eat her dinner. She never looked back but only forward and she never dreamt that she would live as long as she did.

I got a delightful hug and many little kisses and let with a warm glow that somehow I had made a difference in her day.

I wish I could afford to do that everyday. Maybe some day I can.

But at least for that day, I felt that I had gotten more than I deserved. And that felt pretty special.


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