Saving time AND helping the Michigan environment…wow I’m good!

I admit it. I have way too many projects and not enough time to explore them as deeply as I want.

Anybody have a good way of doing it?

I have tried the living on the less sleep program. My family has vetoed that because “I’m too crabby”.

So I then go to the list of least favorite things to do – laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher (my answer- is also a good for the environment). It is where you can get recyclable / compost-able plates, cutlery and cups, lids and straws- good for the environment and less dishwashing. And I am cutting back on yard work – I am letting my landscape go natural this year (well that isn’t hard to do since Michigan is not really having a summer this year so far with all the rain).

Michigan Green Safe Products

So do you have any good ideas of what to let go and how to squeeze in some time to do something fabulous – I know somebody out there has some great ideas – good and maybe not do-able.

But send them my way. I am anxious to start.


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