My sister Lorie and her fabulous Dietz Family Adventures

My sister, Lorie, is incredible. She locks onto a travel idea and then spends hours researching the best way to get the real feel of the country.

Often, it requires some physical challenges -like back packing or camping and hauling in food and camp gear and tents. I was the one in the family whose idea of camping was no room service in the hotel. It was maybe due to many summers spent at summer camp (which I adored) when I was younger.

Besides the great outdoors, Lorie always seems to add into these travels some time to research our family genealogy. Which is great. She has located ship manifests showing family members and where they have traveled from and pictures of some family members going back several decades. Some of this is new information and some of which tells us we have good information already.

She’s working on a web site where she can share these adventures. They are all places she has traveled with her family and has done such great research that she has reliable guides and lodging and restaurants and other items that make the adventure family friendly.

One of her travels included visiting the wild horses in the story, “Misty of Chincoteague”, one of the barrier islands off the coast of the south Atlantic. Let me say if you have a young daughter or son that loves horses, you have got to go on this adventure.

I’ll keep you posted on her website, so you can get an idea of vacations that are learning and exploring and designed for a certain age group and family situation.

And, maybe, you will find a convert like me traveling the Navajo Trail in the Bryce Canyon in Utah with hiking boots and a camera and a large bottle of water. Something I swore I would never again do in my lifetime.


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