Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor has colorful, tasty treats!

People often ask me where I get my color sense and my inspiration for colors.

It is a funny way I find color inspiration.

Blueberries are a big fruit crop here in Michigan. They love sandy type of soil and we have lots of that on the western side of Michigan. Right now, there are blueberries in the stores that are almost as big as the diameter of a penny.

So I’m at one of my favorite fruit places, Plum Market. And I have to admit that besides picking up Vitamin D capsules (good for women especially to strengthen your heart and help in preventing macular degeneration); I know they carry goodies from my favorite company, Zingerman’s from Ann Arbor, MI.

And how convenient is it that my favorite cookies, Junior Ginger Jump Ups (the best you’ve ever had), are right at the checkout. Well- something new got added- a freezer with Zingerman’s gelato and sorbet.

Zingerman's Creamery Blueberry Sorbet

Zingerman’s Creamery Blueberry Sorbet

They had lots of choices- but I savored the idea of Blueberry Sorbet. And I hid it way in the back of the freezer at home so I wouldn’t have to share.

But the best part was the color of the sorbet. Not some fake idea of what blueberry should look like- to me it’s often a ghastly shade of navy blue- but the real true color of the inside of a blueberry picked at its peak and then smushed (yes that’s a technical word ) into a riot of the most delicious looking purple you have ever seen.

It looked like it should taste- marvelous.

And now I have this shade of purple in my head and I am going to love experimenting with watercolor and gouache to achieve that color.

I love reading blogs by other artists to see where color inspirations come from. One of my favorites is “Maine Cottage” a furniture store that has a video on their web site on their Color/Creative Designer and one on their Furniture Designer- www.mainecottage.com . One of my favorite colors of theirs is called “rhubarb”- and it is exactly how I would picture that color.

So- 2 questions- how do you capture colors inspirations, like taking a small digital camera with you everywhere and snapping colors? And what small camera delivers the truest color?


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