Color Again?

Just imagine your brand new box of crayons. It is exciting because all the points are nice and sharp. The crayons are orderly. And that smell- you remember it forever and anyone can go there with that scent and immediately relate.

So, here’s what I have been working on- thinking about how color fills your senses- not just visually, but also through other senses- especially your sense of smell.

The color purple and all its shades are very popular for late summer and early Fall weddings.

And, lavender is a very relaxing and soothing scent- it can remind you of freshly ironed sheets; or a wonderful spa treatment, like a facial or a massage. Maybe even eye shades that are cool and help get rid of a headache.

And what if you opened a gift, that was first wrapped in a lilac color and tied with a purple or maybe aubergine (think eggplant) ribbon, and you instantly smelled lavender. What a way to get that entire color feel in both a visual and sensory way!

The color purple

The color purple

Should the packaging have that “memory” for you? I think chocolate makers would certainly want to put that idea across when you open a box of fabulous truffles.

Perfume makers try to get that scent out there before you see their packaging- but their packaging, especially the bottle shape, has to be in tight harmony to the scent or there might not be any sales.

Colors & shapes- I get to play with them all day.


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