Summer vacation was invented by a man

It had to be. Because men go about their life that same – and a mother starts dreading the summer about April, trying to plan ahead for the long days of summertime.

Just ask any mother during the summer. While summer vacation has some upsides, like a less rigid schedule and not a lot of homework to do, there are still those things that kids need.

Something to do is the first step. And that means as much or more driving around. Plus, Mom also becomes entertainment central – answering the “I’m s-o-o-o bored” comments with how about – cleaning your room, reading a book, going outside and playing or riding your bike.

So where is Mom’s summer of doing nothing?

It’s funny. As an adult, I crave the free time to just do nothing. Like swing in a hammock or lie on a blanket under a tree and have a picnic.

When did those fun things disappear for me?

I have some many things that I would love to do. I can always find something to do- although housework is not my first choice, nor is laundry, cleaning bathrooms or even grocery shopping.

I guess that when you are a kid, you’re in a hurry to get some place. And when you are an adult, you’re not so much in a hurry, but rather more likely to wish to slow down and finish some of those things you missed.

So can that guy who invented summer vacation for kids figure out a way that we adults can have a piece of that action? I wonder. How was your summer vacation?


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