A Cool Nip in the Air

I’ll tell you that the change this week to cool weather ( this being the first week of October) has made me gasp at the notion of wearing socks and shoes and potentially layering a sweater or jacket on in the mornings to ward off the chill.

That’s Michigan weather- the chance to slowly drift into cool weather while still having a sunny and slightly warm afternoon.

So today I was thinking about spices – how the colors trends this fall are so heavily influenced by Chili, Curry, Nutmeg and the colors they represent.

Pretty intense colors – and surely the names evoke strong sense of smell.

Lisa's Gift Wrappers Fall Paper

Lisa’s Gift Wrappers Fall Paper

Last week when I was starting to plan the papers and ribbons for Fall, it seemed a little silly because no one, least of all me, seemed to be in the mood to put away the colors of summer.

But when the temperatures change, it seems to shake everyone into realizing the season is about to change.

And so it did. As we wait for the leaves to start to change colors, we can look forward to fresh apple cider and doughnuts from the cider mill- the smells and tastes a distinctly Midwest thing. Yummy!

Starbucks will offer Pumpkin Spice Lattes and other treats like Spice cookies or Pumpkin muffins.

It takes willpower to hold the line (and waist line) against this slow slide towards the Holidays.

So for me, I will try to slow down and enjoy the color change – because that’s what I find so fascinating and invigorating and inspiring as an artist.

And use all of my senses, mixed together in the right proportions, to give my customers a glorious riot of color that matches the weather outside. Because I know it will make for a fabulous gift they have chosen for a dear friend, family member or other welcoming occasion.

So here’s to successful outcomes – be it a simply colorful package, a walk in the woods to enjoy the color of the leaves or the fond memories evoked by a taste of your favorite childhood treat of Fall. (Where does Candy Corn come from and why is it called that?)


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