Getting the Store Ready for the Holidays!

I know that you read this headline and thought that it was too early to think about the Holidays.

Me, too.

But it seems like every big box store has Halloween mixed up with Christmas- or is it the other way around?

Halloween gift wrap!

Halloween gift wrap!

I hate it myself. It takes the joy of each of these distinctive holidays and smashes them together, meanwhile skipping the whole Thanksgiving thing. Starting October 1 it is Halloweenthanksgivingchristmasnewyears.

By the way Thanksgiving gets a short shrift from stores because there are no gifts attached. It is the only holiday that is really about food-cooking it and eating it. After the big meal there are snatches of the TV tuned to a football game or two followed by a late night turkey sandwich with all the trimmings or second piece of pie.

Back to Halloweenthanksgivingchristmasnewyears.

By now you are probably thinking why am I complaining since I’m in the holiday business?

Complain I must, because I hate to jump the seasons this fast and have to think about have my store decorated by early November.

And that seems pretty late given my tour through COSTCO last week. On a trip for bottled water I walked by displays packed with Christmas ribbon, wrapping paper and all the fixing’s of Christmas. (Wonder when they made that chocolate candy?????)

Why must we buy holiday ribbon on October? Is there going to be a time when we run out of these things? Is there an urgency to purchasing these items now or forever pine away for the ribbon we so desperately needed to finish our wrapping project?

How dare I mock the business and industry that I am so passionate about?

Because I think it has gotten out of hand, when Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year. For fear that we as consumers better buy now or forget future possibilities of correctly celebrating the holidays.

Just a random ranting- but it really does bug me. You, too?


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