Doing Research on Special Containers

I have been doing many special projects this last month that have been keeping me busy.

Most have included research for unusual container solutions- whether it’s a custom sized box or a shaped package.

The fascinating process has allowed me to read fabulous books and trade publications that cover design trends from all over the world.

Shapes, colors, but mostly the intricate pattern used to construct the “container”, gives way to all kinds of possibilities-ones for now and ones to save for future projects.

Collapsible Photo Boxes

An example of a nicely designed container. We sell these in our store.

Interestingly, many of the books have been published in Japan. I have always believed that the gift wrapping is a serious requirement to elevate gift giving from the ordinary to extraordinary- but in a simple, elegant, and maybe even quietly exquisite way.

And in looking at these books I saw complexity and simplicity are often interwoven in one design.

Like how the ordinary cake box becomes a totally out-of-this-world package when in the hands of a passionate designer, these boxes are colorful, playful and utilized and created a host of shapes- many requiring complicated die cut processes.

I have a new interest- to go to every library and seek out wonderful books that test my thinking and my creativity.

Have found yourself on the edge of learning something totally new yourself- something that makes you push through to challenge what you know or what you can do. I feel like I am standing on that edge. Now I just have to find the time to indulge in this new passion- should I skip sleep, eating or brushing my teeth to fit in this new interest? We’ll have to see.


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