What I love about being a shop owner

I love all of my customers.

I want them to come into the store and fell welcome, relaxed and refreshed. I want one of my Wrap Artists to recognize them and call them by name. I think that when everybody knows your name (as the TV series “Cheers” used to say) it makes you feel special and rewarded for being there.

Maybe it’s because I feel that they are all so special to me, that they should get to know one another. So I try to be a connector; introduce each individual customer to another individual customer.

Sounds hard, but it’s actually really easy. That is if you are willing to take the time to listen and take the time to pay attention.

Every customer has a talent like writing, a skill like quilting, a gift for telling a story, a flair for the dramatic, or the aptitude for educational excellence.

And I just love to see them bask in the special feeling when they have found “another”- someone else that shares that same, crazed love for an identical hobby, skill, talent or educational pursuit.

And then every time I see either one of these two new friends, I get to participate in the conversation in some way- ask a question, catch up on their interest, see how they have continued their dialogue.

Just plain fun if you ask me.


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