Gift Wrapping Has Gone High Tech

Yep, you heard it right here.

Gift wrapping has a new high tech solution (and I don’t mean robots come to your house to wrap- yet.)

Go to the Apple Store and find our iPhone/iTouch application called “WrapItApp”.

With the touch of a finger, your device can measure and store the dimensions of the box you want to wrap, tell you how much paper and ribbon to use and give you step by step pictures and text to show you how to do it.

A lot easier than dragging your wrapping to your desktop computer or reading a book and following instructions while you try to wrap.

It still means you will need wrapping paper, scissors, tape and ribbon to accomplish your mission.

But in a more portable and convenient size- And with future updates to come.

It takes a lot to be cool, but much more to be awesome.

Be awesome.


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