Speaking of Haste in Gift Selection

I hate to do this – but Guys you are gift grabbers, not gift shoppers.

Well, maybe not all of you. But those of you who fall into this category need to step up your game.

If you have no clue what to buy, check in with other friends and relatives to see what they have already (did you read that word) purchased.

This will avoid the dreaded multiple item syndrome- like three red sweaters in one year. All different sizes and flattering to totally unflattering silhouettes. (Been there).

Also, not every idea is a great idea. Like a pair of black gloves and a pair of brown gloves. (Especially when one only owns black coats).

And really, where did that idea come from? (Your mother????)

My favorite story is about the Guy that bought a fur coat for his wife. Had it monogrammed and wrote a beautiful and heartfelt card for her to open.

She very, very obviously wanted this coat. Which made him want her to suffer a little bit more and wonder if she was going to get it.

So he brought it into our store and asked that we wrap it to look like the size of a microwave. For some women this would not have been the preferred Holiday gift.

He also wanted some really hideous paper and not the best wrap job so it would carry this theme further.

Done and done, as we aim to provide the wrapping of your dreams.

He came in after the Holidays to tell us how his ruse worked.


He said every day that gift was under the tree it would get a little kick or a slight tear in the paper. And by Christmas, the attitude was quite surly and snarky.

And then she opened it and was undone. Whooping and crying all at once.

What a wonderful Christmas story!


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