Ready, Set, Wed!

January came out of nowhere and we were in the throes of planning and executing our annual Bridal Showcase.

It is quite a change from our Holiday wrapping season- we have to switch gears and look at the upcoming trends, colors and all the details that surround weddings. So it’s more a thinking process in the beginning that flows into a doing process.

The new forecasted hot color is turquoise. (Funny, it’s been one of my favorites since 2002. I had my logos redesigned and then started planning my escape from housing the business in my basement).

Back to 2010 January and preparing for Bridal Showcase. It was tough sledding finding turquoise in magazines. For us, we just don’t look at wedding related publications, but we comb catalogs and retail stores that carry home furnishings, like pillows and rugs or women’s accessories, like purses, shoes, scarves and other fashion items.

We are actually seeing a little more turquoise showing up in the “shoulder” season- the waiting time between Winter and when Spring will arrive. (This is really more chance than science in our Northern location- because it often snows on Easter!).

This same thing happened to last year’s color purple. It took until about early summer before the color became prominent and then continued right through November. And of course, at all the Hollywood events, like Golden Globes 2010, every shade of purple could be spotted in many of the dresses worn on the Red Carpet.

So if turquoise is the color for you, you’ll start seeing more and more of this color as spring items start to appear.

And if it is not- Black and White with an accent color, Brown and Champagne and Hot Pink and Bright Orange are still going strong.


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