Hot Jewels to Wear this Wedding Season

One of my guilty pleasures is to check out all the Red Carpet events- to see the dresses, hair styles and definitely the jewelry.

One can dream about the pieces from the jewelers to the stars- of course Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Fred Leighton and the ever present Neil Lane. (I had a chance to go into a Neil Lane store in Los Vegas several years ago- that’s a whole other story. But it was certainly a swoon just looking at the stuff in the cases and the casual price comments by the staff. I guess when you touch and talk about these beautiful pieces prices become less important than the piece itself).

So, I really go for vintage costume jewelry. It certainly has many great designers- Weiss, Miriam Haskell to name two of my favorites- and often you can get a similar look for a very reasonable price. Notice I did not say cheap- good costume jewelry uses good materials to start.

Thank about what you would want to copy on the Red Carpet so far this year. Was it a great looking brooch or jeweled belt at the waistline- or a vintage inspired dress clip or brooch in the hair?

One of my favorite places to look is and my favorite store is A Twinkle In Time.  You can find some great looks- my weakness is clear crystals or brooches that are in the shape of a bow- and they are fun and easy to wear on a jacket or a coat lapel. My staff even finds great garage sale pins that I wear on my work apron.

Of course, the rule of “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” applies if that handsome groom thinks about some bling for your ears, wrist or neckline of your wedding dress. Take advantage of that thought!


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