Out of my Fingers or my Brain

My sister, Lydia, use that phrase with me the other day. She was talking out loud about where I summon my creativity and asked me about my thinking process when I am creating something.

I couldn’t answer her right away. Sometimes I know where my ideas come from and sometimes they just pop into my brain.

That’s when she said that out of my fingers come my ideas- whether summoned by my brain or unconsciously sent there.

Many of my artist friends do extraordinary work and claim the same thing happens to them.

There is an over-used expression, “it just happens organically”- to explain the process.

I can’t relate to that. Even though I started my art experience as a weaver, there is nothing organic about weaving- it is very methodical when it comes to dressing the loom with the threads that might hold an organic shape when done.

Maybe it is more valid when talking about abstract painting which I did earlier in my art training- but again there are “rules” there, too.

So for me, I guess the answer to where the ideas come from is in the creative thinking itself – the conceptual drawing, the invention of the art piece, everyday things or even the innovation used to take something and make it into a “thing” all give birth to new ideas.

I’m just glad that some days it tells me to let it rip and other days it holds my random thoughts in check. Either way, it’s a mystery that does not beg answering, because in the end – it works for me.


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