A call to find your Brand Identity – and do something with it

In the midst of the state of flux in our hometown industry, autos, I am looking at the dramatic changes in brand identity as well as well as the ways we market and communicate what a product is all about.

I am reading a book, “Designing Brand Identity” by Alina Wheeler, not just as a refresher but also as I look at growing my business.

I constantly reinvest in my company over the last 5 years. One ways is by looking at all the ways to understand who my customer is, what it is that they want and how do I give them what they want.

With all of this in mind, I am keeping an eye on how to add value to my business internally and externally.

So, I’ve broaden my product offerings by looking in directions I said I would never go. Case in point- single sheet wrapping paper. I started slowly by gradually increasing my offerings in this category because the customers wanted fashion forward, color forward, and design forward papers.

Another area is the Bridal market. Not only have we learned that brides need and want our services, they have pushed us to consider areas that are very personalized to a singular bride. To that end, we pulled our product and service offerings out of our main website, www.lisasgiftwrappers.com , and developed a web site, www.stylinbride.com , which could highlight what we do better and more specifically. And now, we are creating Stylin’ Bride as one of our brands- so that our customers have the same confidence in what and how we deliver our products and services as they would from using Lisa’s Gift Wrappers.

We still continue to provide event planning and implementation to our corporate market through our A2Z Event Planning Company. We have added graphic design services so that all of the printed materials needed for a marketing-based outcome support the rest of the event.

And to satisfy our Do-It-Yourself customers, our web site www.readysetwrap.com will get some additional features and will be co-marketed with our iPhone/iTouch application, called WrapIt App.

I generally am a forward thinking person, so I like to use the word “reflect” rather than “look back”, to check our progress and chart our future.

Thankfully, in my former corporate life, I was in charge of strategic planning, including writing business plans, marketing plans and all the follow through requirements.

So while I’m innovative and creative, there has to be substance to what we do- not whim.

I have always felt that when you reflect on what goes well- you learn why it’s working. Often an analysis of why it’s not going well is only going backwards and it is often too late to tell where or what or how something went wrong.

So back to a call to find your brand identity and do something about it.

Take the time to audit where you are and how people know you and why are they buying your service or product. And if you don’t know those answers or you get answers that are neutral, it’s time to find, re-fresh or re-do your identity.

Case in point- our favorite automotive designer asked for help in designing his resume’ submission so that it would get HR’s attention.

He knew he was a brand. He knew he had a good, maybe an excellent body of work that demonstrated his skills. But he did not know how to get his resume’ to the top of the pile?

We helped him by showing him it was how he packaged his work- and what the inside and outside messages said about him and his talent.

He did the harder part of the research by identifying what companies, would “get his work” and the specific person his package should be sent to.

The 10 packages were sent, he got 8 interviews, and landed a fabulous job that will allow him to stretch and grow as a designer.

A company or an individual can benefit from this kind of reflection. Now is a good time- because your work will be done, your changes will be in place and you’ll hit the ground running while everyone else is in neutral or worse.

We intend to be there.


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