A Web Surfer’s Rant

I like to follow blogs. It is an interesting and free way to learn about all kinds of things. I find great writing, interesting pictures and areas of knowledge that I’ve never thought I would spend time reading about.

For instance, I did some Internet surfing when I had to make some sachets with dried lavender for a bridal project. During my research, I landed on www.labyrinthhill.com , a lavender farm in the state of Washington. Great web site, lots of pictures, inspirational stories about people with minimal gardening skills making these awesome gardens, even farms to generate revenue. Quite refreshing.

Another one of my favorite sites is www.paperfolding.com , where the art AND science of origami is discussed. It includes all kinds of places to go and see incredible work as well as understand the connection between math and paper folding. You know what’s amazing- the best origami folder is a mathematician here in the United States.

Another website I admire is www.areahome.com , this really cool place for sheets, blankets, furniture and other home items. I just love the way the pictures of their sheet patterns change on their site, not to mention their imaginative patterns. I don’t buy sheets every day- but it is fun to look and see what design work is happening.

The luxury bridal stationary web site, www.cecinewyork.com , wows me every time I go there. Their designs are so inspiring and range from vintage to truly artistic.  I love scrolling over their boxed sets because they open and show you the parts of the set. It’s really a pleasure in that you feel like you are right there looking and touching each one.

Here then is my surfer’s rant. These so called newsletters, with the sender promoting their website- where they “lift” pictures from magazines, other blogs, and even books for their ideas. But alas no credit is given. Do they think they are helping spread the word about these other artists? Do they think the talent they are showcasing will “rub off” in them- is it talent by association?

It does a disservice to the hard work many of us expend on our websites. You can see how rare it is when someone actually gets it right- I have mentioned some. You no doubt have others.

What really bugs after seeing the winners… are the “contenders”.


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