When do you do your best thinking?

I always wonder when I will find the time to think.

I mean I do think. It’s just that sometimes I need to do some deep thinking.

Maybe it’s about a project. Or about an art challenge. Or even a business issue.

So I am trying to take advantage of spare time- even it’s only 15 minutes.

I use the peace and quiet in my car. I walk a package out to a customer’s car and take a deep breath before walking inside. I push the snooze button and lie in bed for 15 minutes, not to sleep but ponder the moment, look ahead at the day or get pumped about a project I’m about to undertake.

Now that the weather is better, I am trying to take a brisk walk and plan to use this time to do some thinking. I used to do this after I put my son on the bus for school. I did not go back to the house – I was already out so I figured it was a great way to just keep going. And often take a pad and pencil to write down the “brilliance” I dreamed up while walking. Sometimes it was even good.

Life intrudes on time to think. I always wonder how other people are able to carve out this time – when does it work for them?

Any great ideas? Please send them to me. I promise to make the time to read them.


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