Announcing our newest addition – Ta Da! Our Own Signature Line of Gift Wrap!

I grew up in a very arty family. The influence from my parents’ Christmas cards to their choice of furniture and textiles, to the color of the walls in our living room and the presents we made for friends and family all came together to create this person who wanted to “make” things.

And I have- from elementary school to now; I have always made “art”. Sometimes it was fine art and sometimes it was purely craft- but I learned from my family to always put my best effort forth to make whatever “art” I did the best I could make it.

To me, gift wrapping is an “art” form- maybe not destined for the Louvre, Prada or the Museum of Modern Art in NYC- but still, who doesn’t want to get a great gift that been creatively wrapped and makes the whole experience that much better?

So one of my dreams when I started Lisa’s Gift Wrappers was to have a “signature” line of wrapping papers that demonstrate who I am- and what I like- and hopefully others would like as well as I did.

We’re there- it has taken much thinking and debating and time to pull this together. We want people to feel what we feel right now- hope for the economy getting better in Michigan- and gosh we can use that. Joy to feel great about the holiday season- whatever and however we celebrate. Peace- because the world still needs that. And prosperity to all.

It was a great creative process working with talented local graphic artist Julie Hyde-Edwards.

In developing the copyrighted designs, she drew from my own personal design ethos, our goals for the company, and my wishes for the season. Her research included graphics dating to the 1950s & 60’s and included a collection of custom Christmas cards created by my parents.

Designer Hyde-Edwards cites, “The bold colors and simple lines of these silk screened prints meant a lot to Lisa – and as a collector of Mid-Century modern designs – I drew from them too.”

The shapes and colors are simple and cheerful – inspired by mid-Century designers like Alexander Girard and others. Each coordinating paper uses these elements differently:

“Four Words” – green background with white lettering interspersed randomly with a dove, heart, tree and joyful burst.

“Mode Trees” – triangular shapes in mod colors decorated with the themed shapes.

“Simple Wishes” – bands of cheerful colors; pink, red, and greens with the four themed shapes group with the words: peace, hope, prosperity & joy.

We hope you are thrilled with our first efforts- please let us know what you think.

The papers debuted November 17, 2010 and are available at Lisa gift Wrappers in Royal Oak.


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