A New Year and New Trends for Brides

A new year always brings renewed interest in the trends for the coming year. What are the hot colors and what’s new and different to add that personalized touch to your very special day? That is what Bridal Showcase 2011 is all about.

A big trend is the feel of vintage- whether it’s the dress, jewelry, decorative style or even arriving in a vintage car or carriage. You’ll be seeing many of the “champagne” colors- from ivory to beige for dresses, lots of lace and fabulous jewelry. Black or Brown are great add ons- but another accent color will bring that extra touch to your vision.

Not feeling black or brown? Try Navy- it was big on the Red Carpet for men’s tuxedos and it is considered a “neutral” just like black or brown.

Having a designer create the perfect “logo” or monogram can be used in so many ways. Use this embellishment on beverage napkins for the cocktail hour, or printed on an aisle runner or ribbon to tie your bouquet. If it is well designed, it will stand the test of time and can be used for stationery; custom embroidered linen napkins and tablecloths, or even your wedding handkerchief that could be turned into a baptismal bonnet for your first child.

Wedding cakes can go big or stay small. It’s really about your budget and the story you want the cake to say as a part of your reception. There’s something intimate about a “sweetheart” cake that you and your groom can cut, while the staff is cutting the sheet cakes in back. Or have the 7 layers of cake, which makes a grand statement. Use as inspiration your colors, the lace from your dress, brocade that your tablecloths are made of- there are endless sources of inspiration.

I love giving a special gift that is unusual and most likely would not be something a bride and groom would consider asking for. For instance, a vintage silver cake server and knife for the cake cutting portion of their ceremony or special toasting goblets is something nice and will carry a lot of meaning. I also like to give a set of special holiday dishes- maybe something that has been passed along through your family.

Also a great gift is hand embroidered, vintage hankies to carry on that day. Take the hanky to a local embroidery store and have their first names, their new last initial and their wedding date added. It will become a keepsake they can enjoy for years to come.

Brides and groom can personalize their special attire in new ways.  Brides- wear blue shoes or have a blue embroidered logo added to the inside hem of your dress. Something personal and all yours!

Give your groom some special cuff links that represent a collection he has, an interest say in sports, his heritage or a complete tuxedo set of studs and cuff links. Think of that as “his wedding jewelry”. My friend, Joy, gave her husband-to-be a set of cuff links made from Irish coins that had been enameled and sealed. They were stunning and very unique.

There is no end to the ideas. We have our ideas and we have seen over the year’s dozens that bride have incorporated. Add to that your own imagination and it’s really limitless.

Come see us and we will share our ideas. If you can’t visit us in person, visit our website, www.StylinBride.com, for more ideas and inspiration. Personal consultations and specialty shopping are available on request.


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