Looking Forward with a Grain of Salt

In Detroit and the whole of Michigan, we have become sensitive to the saying “wait for the other shoe to drop” as we have collectively shuddered through the disassembling of the major employers, The Big Three automobile companies, and the re-assembly of them as smaller, leaner firms hopefully poised to emerge stronger and healthier.

Many businesses below these giants felt the effect of their financial woes- and for some businesses it wasn’t a trickle down but more of a torrential downpour affecting their financial ability to stay afloat.

There were no lifelines to pull us out. There were no government bailouts. What Washington may have said would help us never made it here.

So we had to find a way to survive. Some made it. Many did not.

Scientists call that the survival of the species. In my view, it was who had the cash, had the customers who supported that business, and had the ability to keep afloat.

I’m thankful to say that we made it through 2009. Our 2010 now gives us the ability to look back and thankfully draw a big fat line through 2009. And I’m more cautiously optimistic that we will be able to look forward more in 2011 than backward.

I say this “with a grain of salt”. Because prosperity comes with people having jobs, being able to pay their rent or mortgage and putting food on plates for their family. Those basics come first. Prosperity comes with the ability to look beyond the daily existence and buy shoes and coats, or movie tickets and popcorn. Not “either or” but both.

So to those representatives at all levels of government that represent our views – your work is still to be done. And it needs to be done with a sense of urgency and a commitment to getting our economy back on track.

Those of us still here know that the past is past and know that the future holds change.

We get that. Now we would like you to get it done.


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