Details, Details, Details

I was working on the sale floor the other day, when I noticed one of the clothing items, a customer had brought in for a special wrapping, had a tiny spot on it.

Maybe it’s my obsessiveness about how something looks when it comes out of a box. When receiving a gift wrapped box, I want the anticipation to build until the box lid comes off. Like working through the layers of a rose, the tissue pulls back and the recipient sees a beautiful, thoughtful and personal gift.

So over the years we have built a “fix-it” box for all of those moments where just a little “spiff up” will help. In this case we have “SHOUT” wipes that will easily perk up something that might have a pen mark, a soiled spot or some other spot that needs treating.

We also love “GOO GONE”. It’s great in removing price tag residue, other sticky gunk (that’s a technical term!) and it cleans our work surface after a busy day.

Other random but handy items- needle and thread, silver polish, window cleaner, an iron to press something, different kinds of glue, microfiber cleaning cloths, safety pins, and a number of other items stashed in an emergency spot.

Since we have the opportunity to give that item a “once over” before we close the lid and start to wrap, we have all become experts at making sure this last step is completed.

Maybe this attention to detail has been missing at the store where you bought the item.

We know every gift is important. If it’s a family treasure that is being wrapped to be passed down, or a one-of-a-kind quilt or blanket someone made for the newest family member. We treat everything with respect and care because we take as much pride in what we do as you have in the selection or the making of the perfect gift.

Every box is a work of art. We want the outside to reflect the importance of what is inside!

It’s all in the details.


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