One Stop Shopping…We Wrap AND Ship!

Whoever invented this term had a great idea- how to get more things done in one stop than in having to make many stops.

When I first started out, I had had some experience with packing items for shipping when I worked at Neiman Marcus during the day and ran my gift wrapping business at night.

My son was in Middle School and so I could work “Mom” hours- 9:30am to about 3pm before I had to kick out and rush to meet the bus – or do a pick-up from school.

I learned so much from working in their shipping department. At first, I was just there to handle the gift wrapping from the Gifts and Decorative Accessories department. But when things were slow, I asked to be trained on packing. I started out with shoes, cosmetics and some of the easier things to ship.

When I opened my store, I was still using my independent shipping guy, Dennis. He was my go-to person and gosh, he had the solution to everything. Especially at the holiday time, I knew that I could skitter in with some ridiculous package that needed to be packed and shipped.

But he decided to move on. And there was no one to buy his business. So, I ended up buying from him what he couldn’t sell.

After a beginner’s lesson I was ready to ship. And thanks to all that I learned from my past employment, I was now able to offer one stop shopping.

Lisa’s Gift Wrappers Wraps Your Gifts and Ships Them Too!

It is always great to hear a customer pine about having to rush the wrapped item to a shipping location. Because we now can tell them that we can ship it from here and send them a tracking number via e-mail. Best of all we take a digital picture so that they can see what the finished product looks like and exclaim with great honesty, “Fabulous paper- it just screamed YOU”.

It’s a wonderful thing- one stop shop.


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