Challenge of Getting Really Cool Wrapping Paper

If you visit our website or store you’ve had the chance to see our wrapping style. Our goal is to have our clients walk away feeling that they have chosen the right paper and ribbon to make their presentation as important as the gift they have selected.

It is a challenge for us- in a good way- to meet that expectation. And we navigate to this end result by asking many questions before we even get to a solution.

Sometimes we have to ask about a favorite color or whether they are more traditional or non-traditional in their style. Maybe it’s a special occasion like a baby gift, bridal shower or special anniversary, where a particular themed paper will work the best.

We scour all the trade shows and vendors to find the best designs that will create a strong graphic presence and be on the forefront in terms of colors and patterns.

There is a current trend in the gift wrap business where many of the best papers are being made in a single sheet. That means they are around 19-20” wide and 27-30” long. Great for small boxes but not so handy when you have a sweater box or larger. Many of the rolls of paper you see are about 5 feet- so that means about 4 single sheet papers.

So, either way there is some waste.

We understand that the cost of printing has gone way up- as evidenced by the amount of gift wrap that is manufactured in China.

And just to burst your bubble a little more, even Tiffany’s, the venerable, iconic and generationally know retailer, is currently manufacturing all of their wrapping paper and boxes in China. Yep- China.

This is certainly not an indictment of a decision definitely motivated by controlling costs. Because we all have very hard decisions to make in that regard- both in the business world and certainly at home.

Our goal is to make our own papers and print them here in Michigan. Having tested some designs at Christmas, we sure do understand the cost of manufacturing a small quantity vs. the price to produce it.

There are several designers who are successfully converting their designs into single sheet papers. And the best bang for your buck is that you, the consumer, get to see cutting edge, fabulous graphic design in the most current colors. These colors are echoed in the latest colors that you see in new upholstery, rugs, wall paper and paint. As we prepare to launch new designs, let us know what you would love to see and what you think would be an excellent design that you would expect to see at Lisa’s Gift Wrappers or on our e-commerce website, .

Single sheets of gift wrap can be purchased on our e-commerce site:


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