It’s Not Your Mother’s Baby Shower Any More

There was a time when most bridal showers and baby showers were held in someone’s home. They were small affairs- often your friends would bring over their extra card tables, which would comfortably seat 4 people.

Off topic for one second please…What’s a card table?

The card table is a folding table and chairs that could be set up to play bridge, canasta (or other seemingly women’s pursuit).

Four chairs came with the table and in my case decorative tablecloths were not a problem, because my Grandmother, as an avid card player, passed along many tablecloths. As for me I never learned Blackjack or some more aggressive game from her, but I was suitably prepared for college and playing bridge.

Back to the shower:

The refreshments were light and feminine, often crust less sandwiches with cucumbers or ham spread, dainty cookies or petite fours and tea and sometimes a punch like Strawberry Lemonade

Flash Forward to Today’s Showers.

Now it is completely different.  You have your nearest and dearest- anywhere from a small gathering of 30 people to hundreds if you come from a large family with extensive ties. And to accommodate this number, many Moms-to-be prefer a restaurant so that it can also accommodate the additional activities.

Those activities can include a craft project like decorating onesies, burp cloths or hats for the new one.  Or having word games or “name-the-baby” or any other similar activity.

Some Moms-to-be opt out of the game thing altogether- and really by the time everyone has had a chance to meet and greet, eat a full meal and open all the gifts, quite frankly it’s a long day.

Details, Details

So, it’ about the details all can enjoy and participate in. And just like many weddings, cookie and candy buffets are popular add-ones to the dessert that is planned. Cake is popular, but cupcakes are even more fun as more favors and icing colors can be offered.

Of course there is also the decorations part of this. It may be that the venue is quite attractive, but it definitely has to be “baby-fied” either in boy or girl colors or in gender neutral colors.

General Neutral or Known?

This goes in cycles- some years everyone knows and then some years they want to be surprised. We are firmly in the “we will know” era and typically the baby’s name is well known and shared well in advance.

Gotta Have a Theme

Themes are quite important and they have to be uniquely yours. So what may seem odd to you makes perfect sense to the Mom-to-be. So it can be anything, like whales, otters or other friendly animals, that drive the decorations, colors and even cookie favor shapes.

The More things Change…

So the ability to have something new and creative and uniquely yours has not changed- it’s just followed the trends from weddings. Lots of fun ways to add details that tell your unique story.  We say- all the better!