Timing is Everything When the Gift is in the Bag (or Basket)

We are happy to see The Knot reminding people about wedding expenses brides
might forget. When it comes to gift bags- it is not enough to budget for the
bags- you have to get them to your guests.

Gift Bags are a huge part of our business and through the years we have
become sought after for creating beautiful gift bags

But if you do not know how to get them to your guests at the right time- it
is all for naught.

Again our years of experience can help you navigate the hotel lobby, the
concierge and bell clerk to ensure the bag is in hand (and the right hand!)

1. Hotels do not like bags with specific guest names on them. They
would prefer generic ones they can hand out.
2. Know when your guests are checking in and try to get bags there an
hour before. You do not want them moved anymore than they have to.
3. Make it easy on the hotel staff. We deliver the bags with an
alphabetical list of guest and their check dates.
4. Know each hotel’s check in times.
5. Many hotels charge a handling fee per bag for delivery. Check when
you are booking the hotel
6. Finally we deliver them ourselves. Ask the Bell Captain, Concierge
and Front Desk if they know Lisa.

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