Trends from the Stationery Show 2012

I always look forward to seeing and sharing what new ideas and colors are going to be the highlights for me. At the end of the show, what I want as a take away are the current colors trends, trends in stationery, and any ideas that we can expand on as new sources for our potential projects. I walk away with ideas and our clients know that they are the very top of what’s available today.

BIG, BIGGER,  BIGGEST One of the trends that was very prevalent is a big image- from sunglasses to big red lips to you name it. It’s as if that one image says it all.


Demand for our invitations for social occasions and weddings is growing so I look closely at what trends are happening there. Lots of calligraphy statements- playing off of traditional styles like Spencerian with its swirls around a monogram for instance.

I also saw an abundance of paper patterns on one side with the front being the printed side.

As we have seen ourselves, brides today are going simple- black and white or black and ivory. And they are using their invitations to inject some information about themselves and what kind of wedding their guests should expect. So their stories are told in their choice of colors, the formality (or informality) of the text and even in the choice of the paper and envelope they chose.