From New York to Royal Oak

Each year I note with interest the differences between the biggies and those vendors new to the show. Most vendors do an excellent job of showing their entire line of goods. A visually attractive booth will draw you in- but the range of product offerings also has to be equal.

That’s especially true with one of our favorite ribbon vendors, May Arts Company.

I discovered May Arts at this show about 6 years ago and we have consistently purchased ribbon from them. We have other favorites as well- Ampelco, Lion and Midori- for their offerings.


Yes we carry over 750.  We are known for our variety and color ranges, which makes us favorites with just not consumer and corporate gift givers, but also professional prop makers, commercial photographers, advertising agencies and anyone looking for the unique or unusual.

For example, a customer brought in a hat that she wanted decorated for the Kentucky Derby:

We were able to coordinate the ribbon colors with her dress and then have Patti, our Ribbon Rose maker extraordinaire, and Kelly, another of our creative bow makers, combine efforts in this end result. Bravo!


At the Stationery Show you get a chance to see the entire line of what each company offers. I often look at the show but buy from the rep when we get back, just to see what the cards look like again and see how they mix with what we have. Since we carry cards for the convenience of our customers, we don’t carry a lot in each category

From my experience selling greeting cards, it’s not about just the image but it’s definitely the words inside. So if the words don’t grab me, it’s unlikely that I would buy a card. And in this techno society we live in, no one buys a blank inside greeting card unless the outside tells the whole story- words, image etc.

It’s therefore a big challenge to get a greeting card right and even more so for the retailer to have the right mix for their customer base. We do have blank cards and envelopes in the store for the customer that wants something brief- and we usually get asked for ideas of what to write, even writing it for the customer.