Halloween circa 1960’s

My mother was a very gifted artist- from sculpture to watercolor, calligraphy to silk screen, costume and set design- she had quite a wide range of interests and skills.

As one of three girls in our family, we were blessed with her sense of humor and her ability to craft any idea of a Halloween costume.

And, whatever she couldn’t make, my Dad, being an engineer, would be brought into the “team” to add the special touches.

So witness the “The Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens”  costumes. The papier mâché  (paper mâché) head of the kittens. My Dad faithfully worked on these for weeks on end. After dinner, he would bring out his supplies, add another layer of paper, and then bake them in the oven at a very low temperature to help dry them. The heads started out as balloons the size of our heads, then he added layer upon layer to them.

The costumes were made out of burlap and back in the day, every mother worried that her children would freeze to death while out Trick or Treating- not always true and therefore the requisite snow jacket and pants coupled with the clunky snow boots often meant you were a sweaty mess when you got home.

Of course, your face was red as a beet- from running as fast as you could from house to house, in the quest to get the heaviest bag of candy you could carry. We would actually have a tradition of weighing these bags when we first got home to see who had made the best decisions in selecting the candy.

So, by now you are probably trying to figure out Who is Whom in the photos. From left to right, my sister Lydia, my younger sister Lorie and then me.

And what’s up with the hair? My Dad, being meticulous and precise, cut our bangs. Very even and very straight across. You could say fashion forward on his part, but really in the 60’s, not quite there. (In a few years from now Twiggy and Mary Quant would be in style, but not for these photos.)

We used to beg to get a store bought costume. Little did we know that we were given the priceless gift of creativity and love.