Getting Business In-Store Displays and Windows Ready for the Holiday Season

As a small business, you hope that the “big guys” look to your “specialty” to fill in behind or add to their specialty.

We got lucky this year. Art Van asked our “elves” to help them put some finishing touches on an impactful in store display. It is all part of their new marketing plan underscoring Art Van as a destination retailer in a way like we used to think of Hudson’s. Art Van is one of Michigan‘s flagship retailers so we were more than happy to be called into service.

Since our “specialty” is making beautiful packages- that is where we were asked to add our talents. Working with their Visual Display department was like old generation (me) with new generation (Kristin). She learned using CAD systems and I went the old fashioned way, which was making a model to scale of the packages to be displayed. Joining these two skills led to a perfect blend of sizes, designs and ribbon morphed into bows.

And my “elves” made it happen. In very limited space.

Packing them for delivery had to be done in our parking lot as we couldn’t get the bigger shipping boxes through the back door.

And of course it rained, so we had to have several tarps to protect the boxes as they were going to be picked up early in the morning.

Luckily, it didn’t rain when we had to form the shipping boxes and then pack the display boxes. It only did that overnight!

To all of you looking to do something larger than life- Try for that brass ring.

Just be prepared for a few bumps in the road and some sleepless nights until your project is finished. It is so worth it.

Everyone is happy with the outcome and hopefully it will put smiles on shopper’s faces.

You can view the completed display at the Art Van Store in Warren on 14 mile past Mound. Need help with your business in-store displays, windows or product gift wrapping? Please contact Lisa at 248-547-9094 or visit our web site to see what we can do for you!